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Guidelines for tag sale / estate sale companies

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  1. Make fair prices for both clients and buyers.
  2. Protect/secure any off-limits areas/items.
  3. Research market value on the stuff you don't know.
  4. Do not misrepresent any items. Disclose any imperfections or problems you're aware of in an item and encourage buyers to carefully examine anything they're buying.
  5. Control the number of people in the home and make sure everyone leaves with what was paid for.
  6. Do not sell any items you cannot legally sell.
  7. Manage your clients' expectations. Make them aware of fair market value for their items and help them understand what will go on inside their homes.
  8. Accurately advertise items for sale.
  9. Remove all conflicts of interest related to purchasing items from your own sale.
  10. Make sure you have enough staff covering areas crowded with small items. 
  11. Do not disappoint shoppers by advertising/picturing items you have sold in advance. Make sure everything you advertise is there for the day of the sale. 
  12. Be transparent about how unsold items will be disposed of. Avoid conflicts of interest and suspicion that items aren't selling so you can claim them free of charge later. 
What is an estate sale
What is an estate sale and who should have one. Frequently asked questions also included.
Article WHAT is an estate sale.pdf
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All About Estate Sales
All About Estate Sales.pdf
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Estate Sales Best & Worst Selling Items
Items Found at Sales.pdf
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Estate Sale Items: What's Hot
What items are hot at estate sales
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Estate Sale Q & A
3 Friends answers your estate sale questions
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Downsizing when the kids are gone
Article Reprint from the Dallas Morning News. What to do with all of your "stuff" when you downsize.
Reading Downsizing when the kids are gon[...]
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