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North Texas Estate Sale Questions & Answers FAQ

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What Services Do You Provide?

Our primary #1 business is North Texas, Dallas area estate sales (also known as home liquidation or tag sales). 


We take care of every estate sale detail: sort, organize, arrange, price, advertise, sell, donate what does not sell (if you chose to do so), and leave your home broom clean.


If you need other home-related services or assistance we are more than happy to help as requested.


Estate Sales Are Full of Antiques and Old Items . . . Right?  

Not at all - most homes are not full of antiques. An estate sale home is a typical house with a range of older to newer. We sell it all - from potato peelers to cars & boats and everying inbetween.


Everyone's home is different. We sell old sofas to to newer contemporary items. Whatever your situation or style - 3 Friends will help simplify your North Texas Estate Sale. Most homeowners are surprised that items that seem like junk are easily sold.


What is the cost to sell items in my north Texas home through an estate sale?

Nothing out-of-pocket. 3 FRIENDS works on a percentage basis of items sold with no money paid up-front.


From the percentage we earn, we pay for all sale expenses: advertising, staffing, supplies, equipment, bookkeeping, signage - everything for a successful sale. We are up-front wih all costs with no hidden charges.


How much does your set-up service cost?

Our cost is a percentage of your estate sale. We thoroughly discuss details during our free in-home visit.


Is an Estate Sale the Same as a Garage Sale - Lots of Cheap Items?

Not at all. A garage sale is a homeowner selling their own collection of items no longer wanted or needed or useful. An Estate Sale is usually professionally run, selling all items in a home. Typically customers expect to pay more per item at an estate sale.


We work hard to make the most money possible for you. The more you make, the more we make. We start at the highest price we feel our local market will bear; we try to know what items are hot and what items are not. On day 2 ^ 3 of a sale discounts are given to incent shoppers to buy.


Are the People Working in My Home Trustworthy?

At 3 Friends we are the business owners and will working in your North Texas home at all times - we do not turn your home over to contracters or employees.


Each partner and member of our team undergoes an annual criminal background check and is theft bonded. We are proud of our reputation of honesty and integrity and would never jeopardize it. 


Why Should I Hire You and Not Just Sell Everything Myself?  

When you select 3 FRIENDS you are receiving our expertise, staff, North Texas Estate Sale contacts, materials and know-how.


Professional estate sale organizers prove their worth by knowing the value of items in a home. In addition to pricing knowledge we have contacts, equipment, tools and supplies, linens, credit card account, advertising knowledge, experience setting up attractive displays, methods for record keeping and efficiency in clean-up. Together these items bring a successful sale. 


Visiting and sorting through our own family items is or can be emotionally draining with difficult decision-making. Hiring someone impartial removes this burden. Our experience tells us that items that look like trash may actually have value!


If you have the time and stamina you can absolutely hold your own sale. While you will save our cost, you may not bring the sales numbers we do. Every single item must be priced and marked. If you price too high, your item might not sell and if you price too low, you are making less money.  And then then shoppers negotiations . . .


Do you accept credit cards at your north Texas Estate Sales?

Yes - buyers love to shop with credit cards. We have no minimum charge amount and 3 Friends pays all service fees.


How Much Experience Do You Have?

Our combined staff has over thirty five years of experience. We bring to you three generations of life experience, which helps sell items new and old to our young and not-so-young customers.


When Do I Receive My Money?

Within 15 days after your sale, usually within the first week.


What is the Minimum Size for a North Texas Estate Sale?

3 FRIENDS has no minimum or maximum size. No furniture? No problem


What Happens When the Sale Is Over?

The choice is yours - we can schedule a local north Texas charity truck to pick up unsold estate sale items; we can attempt to sell some items again at our next North Texas estate sale home or remove our items and leave your home broom clean. The choice is yours.



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