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Estate Home Liquidation Sales & Consignments * Dallas, Plano & Beyond * (972) 383-9848

North Texas / Dallas ESTATE SALE TEAM - Locally owned & operated


3 Friends is 100% owned and operated by Leslie and Beth (meet them below) who personally work each and every Dallas home liquidation sale and / or project.


Each client homeowner or family member will meets us, the owners, who will work at your home every day. We do not send in a crew or employees to work in your home without us


3 Friends' EXPERIENCE includes over 30 years including: antiques, collectibles, estate sales, eBay, buying & selling, marketing & treasure hunting.


ESTATE SALES OUR SPECIALTY: we do not own a store, warehouse, auction company nor do we sell at other venues.  We work one sale at a time giving our full attention to your home. We are dedicated to your home liqudation - maximizing top dollar with no conflicts of interest.


NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES to get started.  Large or small we will successfully manage your home liquidation estate sale.

Plano Courier Article March 2014

Article about Leslie & Beth: 3 Friends Plano Star Courrier Article

Our Team

Beth & 3 Friends team can help downsize your home Beth Kohn 3 Friends Founding Partner


BETH is a founding partner of 3 Friends Estate Sales.  She has owned and operated The Lovington Closet, a web-based store since the 1990s. The Lovington Closet specializes in designer clothes and accessories as well as collectibles. Beth is an avid garage sale and estate sale shopper and loves to organize. Beth lives with her family in far north Dallas.


Favorite part of estate sales?

First day of set up when we discover what is in the home.


How did you get into the Dallas home liquidation business?


I’ve sold on eBay for years, gathering some of my treasurers from estate sales.  When I had the opportunity to be on the other side of the sale I immediately said yes.


Where do you live?


Far North Dallas - almost to Plano


Items that I or someone in my household collects


Well, the kids collect rocks (not fancy rocks - the "interesting" ones from the road or the park or.....), husband collects books and we collect Hawaiian shirts.  My husband is a sixth generation Texan so we are always interested in Texas history


What was the worst gift you ever received?


I had an elderly adult cousin whose family my brother is named.  His gifts from her were always fabulous.  One year he received several record albums while my sister I and received a man’s hairbrush to share.


Where did you grow up?


LA (Lower Alabama)


When you are not working or shopping at an estate sale where can we find you?


Spending time with my husband and two boys or volunteering at school.


What pets live with you?


My Bichon Ozzy and Tortoise Point Siamese Cat Zelda


Unique item uncovered at a sale house


One homeowner had quite a collection of brass items.  One item was a unique sculpture.  We ultimately discovered it was a telescope.

Linked in Profile

Leslie is experienced working with homeowners liquidating their home Leslie is antique expert working with downsizing homeowners


LESLIE is a co-owner of 3 Friends Estate Sales.  She has a keen interest in antiques and really appreciates older items with history.  She and her husband previously operated an antique business.  Leslie has a home full of beautiful antique items and furniture 


Do you collect anything?


I collect Depression Glass and Hull Pottery.  I started collecting Depression glass and Hull pottery years and years ago.  It's hard for me to turn down glassware, which is why I love doing estate sales.


What interested you in joining this North Texas Estate Sale company?   


I enjoy seeing different things people collect and what interests them.  When I found out that people I knew owned an estate sale company, I begged them to let me work with them.


Where do you live?

Plano, Texas


Who do you share your home with? 


My husband David, two sons Stone and Cash, and three dogs.


What is your favorite game?


My husband and I love playing the card game Spades and have been known to stay up late playing with friends.


What people do not know about me?


Clowns scare me!


Favorite Drink?


Ice water


When I'm not working you will find me...

At the gym or with my kids at some kind of game or practice 

Natalia helps Spanish Speaking customers at Dallas estate sales Meet Natalia 3 Friends Team Member


NATALIA  brings a special of warmness to our Dallas Estate Sale Team - we are happy and are lucky to have her. She is fantastic organizer who can create an amazing display


Favorite room in an home liquidation sale?

The kitchen - I love vintage china.


What is your favorite game?


I love to play "Go Fish" with my kids.  We laugh so much!


Why do you like to work at estate sales?


I enjoy seeing and working with old items, how simple life was in years past and how happy people seemed to be.  I love seeing old black & white photos - those are my favorite!


When you are not working, where can we find you?


I like to volunteer and my kids school, spend time with the husband and my mom and dad.


What car do you wish you drove?


If it is a sports car, a Corvette or Mustang.  If a luxury car for every day, a Lincoln Navigator.


Do you or someone in your family collect anything?

My kids, of course, they collect rocks (LOL).  My husband collects caps.


If you did not live in Dallas where would you like to live?



Who do you live with?

My husband and two children.

3 Friends organizes and hosts in-home estate sales / Dallas home liquidation for those moving to smaller spaces. With personal care we make the process as easy as it can be for seniors, family members and busy people.  Do not be intimidated or overwhelmed – call any day of the week at (972) 383-9848 

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